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Hi It's Drew

I thought after 5 years as Double Trouble it was time for an update. We are still being kept quite busy, even with the way things are for the clubs today, so we can't complain. We have been doing some festivals lately for both Ann Carmody & Muriel Mutch and have had some really good feedback from them. Terry is now playing Mandolin and singing a lot more than he used to. I'm sure that anyone who heard him when we first started will now be able to see how much he has advanced since then.  Last year we took out a new CD called "Say you love me" which has been selling really well (you can sample a couple of tracks on the widget). One song we learned was the Joyce Country Ceilidh Band, originally done by the Saw Doctors, but we changed the name to the Thomson Country Ceilidh band as Thomson is our last name.  Hopefully, with your support, we will still be going strong in another five years.  Thanks to everyone for supporting us and hope to catch up with you at one of our gigs.

Hi my name is Drew and I have been working on the music scene since I was fourteen. Having been born and brought up in Shetland I was brought up with music. Having left Shetland I joined Ian Isaac and the Drifters then went on to the Duke Boys followed by the Ruby Rendall Band and then The Brothers.  I went on to form a duo and went under the name Country Express.  When the duo broke up I went on to play solo and remained  as a solo artist for the next fourteen years until recently being joined by my son Terry.


Hi my name is Terry and I have had to endure listening to my dad for the last fifteen years so I decided I better join him. I joined him in March and Double Trouble was born. The name comes from both our initials and dad says I'm Trouble and he's Double.  So from Trouble I hope you enjoy our website and come and see us soon

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